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Robert J Winn, MD -  - Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

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Robert J Winn, MD

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician located in Metro Philadelphia area & South Jersey, Haddon Township, NJ

Personalized primary care makes all the difference in the way you connect with your doctor. At Real Wellness, LLC, in Collingswood, New Jersey, Robert Winn, MD, provides individualized treatment plans and longer visits to ensure he meets your needs. Whether you have concerns about your health or questions regarding a new medication, Dr. Winn takes the time to listen and provide the right care for you. To schedule an appointment, call or book online today.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

A primary care physician (PCP) is the main doctor that you see for your day-to-day health care needs. You see your PCP for annual physicals, immunizations, sick care, and more. 

If you need to see a specialist, your PCP is the doctor who creates your referral. Because you typically see your PCP more than any other doctor, it’s important to choose one you trust.

That’s why Dr. Winn focuses on providing personalized care for his patients. Not only does he take his time with your visits, he never uses one-size-fits-all treatments. Dr. Winn creates individualized treatment plans to meet your unique needs. 

At Real Wellness, LLC, you always have direct access to Dr. Winn.

Which services does primary care offer?

As an experienced family medicine physician, Dr. Winn provides a wide range of primary care services for patients of all ages, including:

Annual physicals

A physical exam is an annual checkup with Dr. Winn. This preventive exam helps identify early signs of disease and potential risk factors for chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.


Immunizations, or vaccinations, help protect you against certain viruses and prevent the spread of disease. 

Chronic disease management

Early detection of chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis lowers your risk of serious complications and provides a better outlook for treatment. Identifying potential risk factors for chronic disease can even help you avoid it. 

For example, if your annual physical shows that you have high blood pressure, Dr. Winn can develop a care plan that minimizes your risk of heart disease.

Sick care

Dr. Winn provides same-day sick care services if you’re not feeling well. He offers tests for strep throat, the flu, allergies, insect bites, and more. 

When should I see a primary care doctor?

In addition to your annual physical exam and preventive screenings, you should call Dr. Winn if you have one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sore throat
  • White spots on your throat or tonsils
  • High fever
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Chills
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

For primary care services, call Dr. Winn at Real Wellness, LLC, or book an appointment online today.