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Company Background

Real Wellness, LLC is a private family medicine practice owned and operated by Robert J Winn, MD. Dr. Winn has worked in many clinical settings over his 20-year career but was disappointed in how little time he got to spend in direct patient contact. Many offices focused on getting a large number of patients through their doors to make ends meet in primary care, which meant physicians had little time to spend with each patient. As a result, it felt like he was treating illness and disease, instead of focusing on developing wellness and health.

This realization inspired Dr. Winn to start Real Wellness. His focus is on quality and making sure each patient receives the best possible treatment. All appointments are at least 30 minutes long in order for Winn to really speak with each patient and understand their concerns and determine the best way to help them achieve wellness.

While Winn treats illnesses and disease, his broader focus is on prevention and overall wellness. His mission is to treat the person, not just the ailment. As part of Real Wellness’ mission to connect with each and every patient, Robert J Winn will be available to patients at all times, either by phone or in the office. When a patient calls the office, they will speak with Dr. Winn directly. 

Medicine should be a safe and trusted environment where patients feel cared about. Real Wellness is dedicated to creating that environment.

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Get to Know Our Family Physician

Dr. Robert J Winn

Dr. Robert J Winn is a family physician with over 15 years of experience. Robert’s path to medicine wasn’t an immediate one. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Furman University in 1991, where he studied Neuroscience. From there, he enrolled in a General/Experimental Psychology Master of Science program at Villanova University. It was while he was attending Villanova that he realized he wanted a broader career option than psychology could offer.

He decided to attend medical school to become a physician. After graduating with his Master’s degree, he enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine program at Hahnemann University School of Medicine, now Drexel University College of Medicine. Part of the reason he wanted to become a doctor was because he had a desire to help those who are often unable to get the care they need because of their circumstances. He credits this motivation to his background in psychology. 

He received his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1998 and began his residency in the Department of Family Practice and Community Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. Through this experience, he realized how vital communication was to a patient’s health. Sometimes, all that's needed is a simple conversation to help a patient start on a journey to a healthier life. 

Robert J Winn especially focuses on treating patients who are often ignored or shunned by society, such as those struggling with drug addiction. Members of these vulnerable populations often receive sporadic medical care throughout their life, making it all the more important that they receive proper treatment.

With every patient, Robert aims to get them to be an active participant in their health. He encourages them to think in the long-term about their health and focus on disease prevention. As a family physician, he gets to follow a patient throughout their health journey and watch them overcome the obstacles that once prevented them from becoming healthier, and see them reach their goals.

Outside of his work, Robert is equally passionate about nutrition and fitness. In 2014, after realizing he had trouble climbing a flight of stairs and fighting into his clothes, he decided he needed to change his diet and begin exercising. He wanted to improve his health but also knew patients would take his advice more seriously if he was in better health. His work as a physician meant he knew the basics of nutrition but he felt he didn't have the time to make healthy meals. However, after following a healthier diet for just a week and feeling a huge shift in energy levels and mood, Robert J Winn made healthy eating a priority. Through eating better and working at a local gym, he was able to lose 50 pounds in just six months and has continued to maintain his healthy lifestyle. 


Dr. Robert J. Winn | Family Physician in Philadelphia from Robert Winn on Vimeo.


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